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It’s coming, kids; my latest masterpiece & a 5+ year long journey, "The ULTIMATE BATTLE"!! :stab:

Now basically, since this fucker runs 680 pages in length (:omg:) I have decided TWO things:

1- I’m only going to scan a few of the Original Pages, if needed. Especially at the end of the comic where I noticed that it gets a bit soft in quality. Hope that shows up well when I scan it in the Custom scan. The reason for this is because I’m not going to spend all that time & patience to scan ALL these pages & keep track of them at the same time. Too exhaustive n’ shit!

2- The first 276 pages have been Xeroxed by use of them Copy machines you find at the office stores. Because of this, I’ll have to scan the rest the remaining 404 pgs. in the custom scan, which processes the pages DIGITALLY, but doesn’t keep all the soft tones. This is now the way I scan my comics as it allows me to edit & improve my artwork as I’ve now been doing this since "Tolbain Chronicles ch.2" which was over 5+years ago. Long time to wait, huh? ;)

3- because this comic is SO GODDAMN LONG, it will be divided by chapters to keep track of the longevity of the project, which is approximately 25 chapters in total. This will make it easer for me to upload & make this more of the epic showdown that I’ve been wanting to explore since I’ve been on here for so long. I just hope it doesn’t take me 5 years to upload this sum'BITCH like my "FvJ" comic. :roll:

Anyways, I hope to be on here long enough to give this awesome fucking comic that I’ve been wanting & waiting to show you for many years on end & hope that all of you enjoy it IF you actually give a damn. ;)

"THE ULTIMATE BATTLE" will be uploaded on :pumpkin:CTOBER the 13th of this year. :stab:
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Submitted on
September 13, 2016